Argumentative essay outline

The main task of the plan is to structure the future essay, which must be viewed in advance in the points of the plan and thereby prepare the reader for the correct perception of the text. It is not difficult for the author to imagine what he will write about and how. But strategy and … Continue reading "Argumentative essay outline"

Double spaced essay

At university, writing an essay is set by teachers quite often, and in the first year, students confuse the rules of writing this work. The approach to writing an essay should be serious because the teacher largely determines his attitude to the student, based on the performance of independently written tasks. In order to write … Continue reading "Double spaced essay"

Research paper example apa

When justifying the relevance of the research in the Introduction section of the research work, it is necessary to decide why this problem should be studied at present. The relevance of the study is the degree of its importance at the moment and in this situation for solving a particular problem, task, or issue. The … Continue reading "Research paper example apa"

Synthesis essay

The topic of a synthesis essay is usually formulated from a statement of a famous author. You need to explain how you understand the meaning of the statement, express your attitude to it, identify different aspects of meaning and contradiction in the statement, argue your position using the theoretical principles of the social science course … Continue reading "Synthesis essay"