Double spaced essay

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At university, writing an essay is set by teachers quite often, and in the first year, students confuse the rules of writing this work. The approach to writing an essay should be serious because the teacher largely determines his attitude to the student, based on the performance of independently written tasks.

In order to write an essay according to all the recommendations, it is necessary to begin to understand the essence of this task. The term for work is of French origin. An essay is translated as a sketch or sample. From this, it can be understood that the implementation of the article means your own view of the problem, conducting an assessment, and bringing conclusions.

The difference between essays and abstracts

Students often confuse the requirements for these two university assignments. In essence, these works are very similar, since they are descriptive in nature. Moreover, they do not require research, confirming that the material has been studied. However, the abstract refers mostly to analytical work, in which it is necessary to systematize the received and processed information.

Required components of the essay

Among those parts of which this work must necessarily consist, the following can be singled out:

  • Introduction
  • The main element, which is not divided into chapters.
  • Conclusion
  • List of used literature.
  • Additionally, the essay may contain a cover page and a plan of content, as well as additions, if necessary.
  • Moreover, it should be double spaced.

Characteristics of the essay as a type of scientific work

If you have questions about how to write an essay, you need to refer to the characteristics that apply to this type of scientific work. Among them:

The work is devoted not to some topic as a whole, but to a specific issue, from which one should not move away in the process of writing.

The content of the essay reveals the position of the author and his personal assessment of the studied issue.

There should be few common phrases and references to the topic; the main part of the work is usually composed of own judgments, evaluation, criticism, conclusions and other elements of the expression of the author’s opinion.