How to write an essay outline

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The plan is the basis of any business or event. The outline of an essay is imperative when it comes to writing literate text. In other words, a plan is a tool that makes it easier to write any written work. That is why it is essential to learn how to make an essay plan already in elementary school.

This work may seem difficult for some students because it is connected with the ability to see and highlight the main idea of ​​a paragraph. And this indicates a weak development of speech. In fact, this is the usual essential skill acquired in the school program, the ability to structure the text. If at the elementary university stage you pay enough attention to drawing up a plan and carry out a few examples with students, then after a while the student will do it on his own and make you happy with success.

The structure of the essay outline at universities is as follows:

1.. Introduction

2. Main part 1

Main part 2

Main part 3

3.. Conclusion

The outline of the essay must be written before the text of the essay. The heading of each paragraph should reflect the main idea from the text of each part.

Before you start making a plan, follow the algorithm

Formulate the theme of the essay. Based on it, you will express your thoughts and reveal the topic.

Define the purpose of the essay. This is the direction of the topic or what the “writer” and “reader” should ultimately lead to.

Use abstracts as headlines. These are concise formulations of ideas that can be developed into whole paragraphs.

Use paragraph conventions. Roman numerals denote the main ones, and the sub-clauses are Arabic. However, you should not overload the plan with sub-items.

The essay plan is necessary first of all in order not to start from scratch. Also, follow the guidelines for writing an essay. Therefore, if you try your best and follow our recommendations for writing an essay plan, you will get the highest grade.