Research paper example apa

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When justifying the relevance of the research in the Introduction section of the research work, it is necessary to decide why this problem should be studied at present.

The relevance of the study is the degree of its importance at the moment and in this situation for solving a particular problem, task, or issue.

The urgency of the research problem is the relevance of studying and solving this problem in society.

Justification of the relevance of the study is an explanation of the need to study this topic and conduct research in the process of general cognition.

Justifying the relevance of the research topic is an essential requirement for research work.

The relevance of the research topic is due to the following factors:

  • Filling in any gaps in science;
  • Further development of the problem in modern conditions;
  • Own point of view in a question on which there is no consensus;
  • Generalization of accumulated experience;
  • Summation and promotion of knowledge on the central issue;
  • Posing new problems in order to attract public attention.

The relevance of research work may consist of the need to obtain new data, test completely new methods, etc.

Often in a research project, the word “novelty” of the research is used together with the word “relevance.”

Examples justify the relevance of the research topic

Relevance: the topic is relevant due to the high fall in the birth rate in the village. Previously, in our town there was a custom to have many children, the lack of children was considered the greatest misfortune and was considered as punishment.

The object of the study is what students for study and research will take. It may not necessarily be any inanimate object or living thing. The object of study may be a process or a phenomenon of reality.

Usually, the name of the object of study is contained in answer to the question: what is being considered?

The subject of study is a particular problem, individual aspects of the object, its properties, and features that, without going beyond the framework of the purpose under investigation, will be investigated in work.