Synthesis essay

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The topic of a synthesis essay is usually formulated from a statement of a famous author. You need to explain how you understand the meaning of the statement, express your attitude to it, identify different aspects of meaning and contradiction in the statement, argue your position using the theoretical principles of the social science course and examples from personal experience and public life.

1. Determine the meaning of the statement by answering the question: what did the author want to say?

2. Identify the main aspects of the problem by answering the questions: What can be opposed to the position of the author in a historical, cultural, moral, and ethical sense? Are other positions, approaches to the problem, interpretations of concepts and images, exceptions to the general rule possible? Select the aspect of the problem that you will consider in detail.

3. Formulate your attitude to the statement by answering the questions: Do I agree with the author? Why? What is my own position on this issue? How relevant is the statement?

4. Define synthesis terms, generalizations, patterns that you need to express and justify a position on a general level. Answer the questions: What concepts and terms you are familiar with from the course should be used? What theoretical generalizations should I consider?

5. Select facts, examples from history, modern public life, and personal social experience confirming your position by answering the question: What specific facts can you confirm your opinion?

6. Make a draft of your essay. Write the text of the essay, and then re-read it.

The technology of writing a synthesis essay

An essay is a prose work of a small volume and a free composition, expressing personal impressions and considerations on a specific subject or issue. Moreover, it is s certainly not claiming to be an accurate or exhaustive interpretation of the subject. As a rule, an essay implies a new, subjectively colored word about something.

Requirements for the essay:

  • The essay should be perceived as a whole, and the idea should be clear and understandable;
  • The essay should not contain superfluous and should include only the information that is necessary for the disclosure of positions.